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Hi there! Welcome to SchoolMars – An online community helping to drive excellence in Education.

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Who we are

SchoolMars was launched by three friends looking to harness the power of the internet to help empower parents to make the best decisions about their child’s education. At the same time, they wanted to help schools to market themselves to prospective parents and their communities.

Since then they’ve experienced rapid growth in Spain, winning awards from Microsoft and their local business communities. This success has allowed them to expand the production team and launch into the UK market.



How we help

School excellence is our ultimate goal so we will be partnering with journalists, schools, experts and parents to bring the key stories to life.

For schools we will also be focussing on how you can drive growth at your schools, increasing your number of applications and helping you to build a waiting list to guarantee that you’ll be full. We understand the need to differentiate yourself and convey this message to prospective parents. This is something that we have had a lot of success in helping individual schools and school groups to do in Spain because of our rapid engagement of the parent community.

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What you will be seeing

We believe that great content is the key to our success. Our Spanish blog leads the way in bringing international perspectives and cases of best practice whilst helping the most innovative companies to discuss their ideas with our audience of parents and school leaders.

User generated content is also key. Just like global platforms like Glassdoor and TripAdvisor, we believe that user-generated reviews on a third party platform help everyone by creating a neutral space for discussion, criticism and praise to take place. For prospective parents, this is key to finding credible information about the schools that they are considering and to allow schools to engage in a discussion.

Our network of guest bloggers will keep you up to date with the cutting edge of technology and innovation for parents around the world – Demonstrating how the latest advances in tech are impacting us in the real world.


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Where you fit in

Your part in this journey is key! Whether you’re a parent, teacher, school administrator or marketing expert, we want to create an online environment and toolset which helps you. True to our cause, we’d like to hear from you. Any comments or suggestions? Get in touch on or search us out on social media – Our twitter is @SchoolMarsUK and you can find us on



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